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Let’s face it – there are lots of real estate agencies in Pakistan that are barely surviving. They have zero clients and leads and their commissions are fixed at only 2% so there is probably no chance of earning big checks. If you are one of those real estate agencies then don’t hesitate to come forward. At, we help protect your interests and navigate all the complexities involved in your real estate business. 

How? Simply through effective social media marketing. Yes! social media channels have now become much more than just a random platform for families and friends to connect. Now every brand and business can utilize the real potential of social media marketing and earn a strong online presence. 

For most real estate agents, social media marketing may sound easy. However, it is the opposite. It takes robust planning and strong strategies to grow. If your real estate agency isn’t sure where to start and what to do next, then don’t worry. Call our experts at and we will launch a perfect social media marketing strategy for real estate agents in Pakistan.

You Put Buyers First, We Put YOU First. Learn What Services We Offer When You Work with US is an ideal social media marketing agency in Pakistan that create custom plans to fit your brand and budget. We conduct in-depth analysis to identify your most significant needs. Have a look at all the services we provide at Buildings.

Want to win over most real estate followers and nurture them as leads? Well, social media marketing is the easiest and smartest strategy to turn this into a reality. We have a team of real estate social media experts who craft engaging posts that immediately convert your targeted audiences to your sales funnels. From creating awesome content to running paid ads, our social media management experts deliver guaranteed results while you focus on growing your business.

Our real estate social media company in Pakistan takes time in analyzing, researching, and understanding your target audience. We create flawless content that is tailored to your business and resonates perfectly with your brand. Whether you want to gain unlimited Facebook followers or struggling to generate leads from LinkedIn or Instagram ads, our real estate social media ad specialists have all the expertise to deliver exceptional results that go beyond your expectations.

We take pride in providing real estate social media services and run different ad campaigns to help achieve your goals faster. Our experts implement all the data-driven approaches when it comes to creating smart social media ads. We use proper audience insights as well as various advertising tools on almost every social media channel. Our experts use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to run ad campaigns and follow all the modern tactics that bring ideal results to the table based on your desired budget.

At Buildings, branding is an unavoidable part of our real estate social media services. Our experts help you create a strong online persona from scratch or assist you in developing campaigns for your existing real estate. We attract high-converting leads through ad campaigns and engaging posts and establish strong brand recognition by crafting a branding campaign that specifically aligns with your budget and real estate agency requirements

Facebook has an extensive network of consumers who constantly look for property buying and selling. You can leverage the power of social media and advertising tools that help you target the right audience and also allow you to connect with more customers for your business. Our real estate company implements tailored reliable Facebook strategies that assist you in brand engagement as well as help acquire qualified leads that immediately turn into sales and conversions.

Want to hook your audience visually with a professionally managed Instagram page? If yes, then Instagram marketing is the right choice to consider. Your real estate agency can simply benefit from a well-crafted Instagram content marketing plan and attract tons of amazing leads in no time. Our real estate social media marketing team can establish strategies that best suit your industry with the help of the right tactics and techniques

Now you can easily promote your real estate agency on Twitter by updating timely and relevant news and information. Our real estate social media experts can easily guide you through by using Twitter as one of the most effective viral marketing tools that help deliver instant visibility. You can simply avail fast-paced lead generation and beat the cutthroat competition in no time. Whether you are looking to gain more followers or looking for increased website traffic, our expert estate social media company can deliver results that you have never imagined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it depends on the budget you spend and the competition in your industry. Since real estate is a saturated market, it may take some time in delivering ideal results. Though our expert team only takes 4-6 months in bringing exceptional results for your business. In fact, if we run powerful ad campaigns, you can expect leads, followers, and sales the moment we launch your first ad.

We use almost every social media channel for marketing and promotions in Pakistan. Some of the popular channels we use are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Once we run campaigns for your brand, you can expect powerful leads, sales, and conversions within a few days. Your brand will become reputable and recognizable and you will get a chance to interact with top buyers and sellers across every social platform.

It depends on the package you choose. We usually create 3-5 posts weekly in which we cover all the important aspects of your services.

We give you proper access to our CRM through which you can check regular tasks. Not only that, but you also receive weekly or monthly reports analysis.