Top 5 Commercial Projects to Invest in Karachi

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Investment in a commercial property is one of the most sought-after ways to earn lucrative profits in long term. The value of a commercial property is increasing by many folds in Pakistan, which allows investors and buyers to choose different places that best suit their needs.

As Pakistan is a developing country, it comes with plenty of business & investment opportunities. That’s why it is safe to say that investment in a commercial property is the most valuable and safest solution to secure your finances. If you belong to Karachi, you have hundreds of amazing opportunities to invest in different commercial projects.

However, a few of them are a more lucrative and attractive option even for average incomes holders. Let’s have a look at the top 5 commercial projects to invest in Karachi for long-term returns.

Best Commercial Projects in Karachi – Overview

These are the top commercial projects in Karachi for you to consider:

  1. Amazon Outlet Mall
  2. Mall of Arabia
  3. Omega Mall Airport
  4. Bali Business Boulevard
  5. AZ Trade Tower

Now let’s get into the details of each project.

1. Amazon Outlet Mall

Amazon Outlet Mall

Amazon outlet mall is one of the top-notch commercial properties in Karachi that invites people from all over the country due to its affordability and huge returns. Their prices are surprisingly low. For example, you can book a property for as low as 18 lacs and it is located at main GT road Islamabad.

Amazon Outlet Mall is also considered Pakistan’s first themed mall. It has beautifully incorporated the fusion of fashion and architecture. Not only that, but it is also the first place that comes to customers’ minds when they have to shop from big brands in Pakistan.

The mall features the best indoor environment and lots of amazing facilities. It also has a vast area for recreation and leisure activities such as restaurants, cafes, cinemas, spas, gyms, and others.

2. Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia

If you are looking for a place infused with Islamic heritage and Arabic architectural design, then I would recommend you consider the Mall of Arabia for investment. 

The place is a celebration of shared history, Pakistani traditions, Islamic art, and architectural grandeur. Moreover, the place also symbolizes the good brotherly relationship with Pakistan.

Mall of Arabia is located on the primary commercial and residential route which is usually known as Islamabad Expressway. It seamlessly connects the city across its territorial limits from the Margallas to Rawat. The mall sweeps across 15 Kanals of real estate in the most dynamic area of the capital city.

Due to its convenient location, accessibility, and proximity, the Mall of Arabic is the best investment choice for commercial buyers and investors in Pakistan.

3. Omega Mall Airport

 Omega Mall Airport

Omega Mall Airport in Karachi is a development of Soneri Builders & Developers who have unveiled an ultra-modern place for people to invest. Jinnah International Airport is also closer to the point which further makes it a great place to choose. You can discover some great entertainment options within a very short distance of the property. Soneri Builders & Developers have built some of the biggest business projects for people that benefited thousands of people in Pakistan.

They are famous for high-quality developments, timely project completion, as well as solid & consistent performances. This means that their latest business contribution to the city is also going to provide a lot of benefits to the investors. There are food areas with coffee houses, booths, and restaurants, as well as beautifully-designed boutiques.

You can also find a 10,000-square-foot superstore as well as a family amusement park for kids, Grand Fantasia Funland, located in the shopping center. You can choose any place for investment that better suits your needs. The best part is, Civil Aviation Authority & Sindh Building Control Authority have also approved the development of this project.

4. Bali Business Boulevard

Bali Business Boulevard

If you want to invest in beautifully-designed shops and workspaces, then there is nothing better than Bali Business Boulevard. Along Main Sunset Boulevard, the place aspires to offer investors a great sense of love, convenience, and comfort. Bali’s serene beaches and sunny afternoons further enhance the beauty of this place which investors one more reason to choose this place for investment.

The Defense Housing Authority (DHA) provides a lot of commercial properties for investment in this project. You can confidently invest your money in the project because it provides both retail and office space, and it also has some top-notch amenities that make your life easy and comfortable.

As the population of Karachi is increasing tremendously, there are also some rising concerns about the geographic location and accessibility of the city. So, the plan involves the provision of all the necessary features, including high-speed elevators, stylish walkways, double-glazed window elevations, strong security, electrical backup, as well as quick servicing.

5. AZ Trade Tower

AZ Trade Tower

AZ Trade Tower is one of the most reliable, modern, and upscale neighborhoods in Karachi. It looks like an excellent and prominent commercial development of the city which has great scope for investment in the long run. The place is also a part of the Al Murtaza Commercial Area, which is a vicinity brimmed with different retail and lifestyle activities. You can also find popular retail brands and commercial banks that further make your lifestyle easy and comfortable.

AZ Trade Tower is one of the excellent investment opportunities for commercial investors. It comes with an eclectic mix of creatively designed retail outlets as well as wonderful corporate offices. Additionally, the strategic location of this project is just located opposite Creek Mart, which is a famous superstore in the neighborhood. It is located close to Do Darya, which is Karachi’s famous nightspot. Moreover, Khayaban-e-Ittehad and Khadda Market have also located a few minutes drives away from AZ Trade Tower.

What’s the Best Commercial Project to Invest in Karachi in 2023?

Now that we have summed up every detail about the projects, it’s time for you to choose the most suitable and reliable commercial project for investment. All the above-mentioned projects give fruitful returns in the future as well as located at remarkable locations in the city. So, why not consider them to earn lucrative profits in the future?

In case, you have your own project in which you want people to invest, then it’s better to consider solid marketing and promotion so you can reach out to the maximum number of people.