20 Best Construction Companies in Pakistan

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Today I am going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions of all real estate business owners and builders. What are the best construction companies in Pakistan that are excellent for all rising business owners?

Well, we all know that Pakistan is a progressing country. it has plenty of real estate and construction-related projects that are currently underway. Now all the real estate agencies, construction companies, and builders are generating profound profits which are contributing to the significant growth of the country. 

However, finding the best construction companies is still a task for many people today. They cannot decide which construction company is best for their project and how they can deliver everything remarkably from start to finish.

To answer that answer, I am going to reveal the top 20 construction companies in Pakistan that are providing a range of construction services to the masses.

Best Construction Companies in Pakistan – Overview

Let’s get down to the list of top 20 construction companies in Pakistan and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Sr. No
Construction Company
Hot-selling projects
1 Sardar Group of Companies Taj Residencia, PakGulf Pvt Ltd
2 Jaffer Group of Companies Honda Car Factory, Lahore. Khanpur Dam Water Reservoirs, Islamabad, etc.
3 Imarat Group of Companies Amazon outlet mall, Imarat builders mall, Mall of Arabia
4 Hardbone International Pvt Ltd Experts in agricultural development, civil architecture, HVAC system, and others. 
5 Habib Construction Services  Specialized in highway construction, motorways, bridges, dams, airports, etc.
6 AH Group of Companies  Specialized in constructing luxury residential markets and shopping malls etc.
7 ZKB Engineers and Constructions Specialized in constructing dams, roads, bridges, and flyovers.
8 Hassan Construction  Provide services like roof sellings, glass erection cover, and many more.
9 NESPAK Lahore Metro, Karachi Nuclear Power Plant, New Islamabad Airport, and others. 
10 NHA Responsible for the development, repair, operation, planning, and maintenance of highways.
11 Frontier Works Organization  Military engineering, combat, structural, construction, etc.
12 Pakistan Engineering services Irrigation systems, water conservation, dam construction, and much more.
13 Zem Builders Insignia, Gardenia, Zem mall, Lake Vista, Liberty tower, etc.
14 My4walls Handle all design, engineering, and construction tasks.
15 Pak Gulf Construction Company Specialized in residential construction projects
16 Dascon Construction Company Bahria homes, Cinegold plex cinema, Mall of Islamabad, etc.
17 Areva Interior and Build Contractors Offer huge source of construction & consultancy
18 Majestic Builders Pvt Ltd. Ufone, Caltex
19 King’s Group Builders, Developers, and Contractors Kings Paradise, Kings Regency, Kings Icon, Kings Classic, etc.
20 Glorious Builders Best for residential projects

1.Sardar Group of Companies

Sardar Group of Companies is considered one of the top construction companies in Pakistan which have a great reputation and recognition in the construction industry. The company is highly recommended for constructing basic to luxury residential projects in Pakistan. Centaurus mall is one of the most recognized projects of the Sardar Group of Companies that further enhanced their popularity in the industry. 

  • World-renowned brand
  • Provide 360- degree solutions
  • Best for commercial and residential projects 
  • Not affordable for common people


2. Jaffer Group of Companies

Jaffer Group of Companies is another versatile construction company that has several businesses across the country which include construction, technology, agriculture, fertilizers, and many others. 

Jaffer Group established Murshid Builders (Private) Limited, which is another construction company built in 1984. Since then, they have completed a lot of construction projects as well as collaborated with multiple prominent overseas companies. 

  • Well-recognized in the industry
  • Lots of commercial projects completed
  • Internationally recognized 
  • Oldest construction company
  • Not much ideal for residential construction 
  • High construction costs


3. Imarat Group of Companies

If you belong to the construction industry, you must have heard about the Imarat Group of Companies that have a lot of name and fame in Pakistan and all across the world. Being one of the best construction companies in Pakistan, Imarat is continued providing its services for 15 years. 

Due to their continued success and achievements, the company is being honored with the ICCI Achievement award in 2020. It is a UK-based company and has developed many luxurious real estate projects in Pakistan which include Imarat Builders mall, Amazon outlet mall, Florence Galleria, and Mall of Arabia.

  • Internationally recognized and well-known
  • Old and established company
  • Reliable choice 
  • Versatile option
  • Not earned much popularity in residential projects
  • Extraordinary high price points


4. Hardbone International Pvt Ltd

Hardbone International Pvt Ltd is one of the most popular construction companies in Pakistan which is known for delivering remarkable construction projects with complete excellence and satisfaction. The company works in both private and public sectors and offers renovation, mechanical, electrical, solar system, fire safety system, agricultural development, and other services.

  • Uses the latest science and technology to ensure precision 
  • They have a highly qualified team of professionals
  • Experts in multi-story buildings
  • Sometimes they offer inefficient project performance 
  • Skilled labor shortage issues 


5. Habib Construction Services

If you are looking for a company that can easily deliver large and complex infrastructure projects, then Habib Construction Services is your way to go. They have a diverse portfolio and received lots of appreciation due to their excellence in different commercial projects. Bahria town and National Highway authority are some of their notable clients, which further makes them an ideal option to consider.

  • Provide a range of construction services
  • Big client portfolio 
  • Follow all safety hazards
  • Excellent productivity 
  • Inefficient performance issues
  • Less qualified team and labor
  • Rising costs 


6. AH Group of Companies

AH Group of Companies is also one of the popular and largest construction companies in Pakistan that are well-known for providing reliable construction planning and the way of executing things flawlessly. Their headquarters are located at Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area Islamabad. Since its inception, they worked hard and dedicatedly to provide the best construction services in both the residential and commercial sectors.


  • Best in real estate development, architecture, brokerage, construction, etc.
  • Blends modernity with tradition
  • Highly qualified team
  • Execute every process after in-depth research
  • Largest construction company in Pakistan
  • Communication problems with clients
  • Slowly adopt technology
  • Issues with completing work on schedule 


7. ZKB Engineers and Constructions

ZKB Engineers and Constructions is also one of the well-known companies in Pakistan that were first established in the Balochistan region. After prominent success and achievements, the company is now located almost everywhere in Pakistan. They have the best infrastructure among all the construction companies. Let’s find out some positives and negatives associated with the company.

  • Oldest and established company 
  • Best Infrastructure 
  • Offers multiple services, engineering, construction, and consulting.
  • Lacks skilled manpower
  • Best for only commercial projects 
  • Limited construction capabilities 


8. Hassan Constructions

Hassan Constructions is an autonomous private company in Pakistan that works with a team of high professionals and experienced individuals. Hassan Construction is a popular and registered company with the Pakistan Engineering Council in the C-4 class. The company is well-formulated with a group of profoundly energetic and dedicated specialists who are experts in all development and construction-related affairs.

  • Talented woodworkers and admin staff
  • Embrace a wide range of design and construction works
  • Registered Company 
  • Not internationally recognized 
  • Not ideal for residential construction 
  • Expensive for every sector



Whether you belong to the construction industry or not, you must have heard about NESPAK which is an extremely well-known and internationally recognized company in Pakistan. It stands for National Engineering Services Pakistan and is also considered one of the best design consultancy associations in Asia and Africa. They have a pool of gifted specialists who are experts in almost every construction-related work.

  • Features more than 4000 workers
  • Billions of turnovers every year
  • Dedicated and skilled team
  • Trouble managing complicated construction works
  • Delays in construction process


10. NHA (National Highway Authority)

The National Highway Authority (NHA) is another popular organization that was built in 1991 through the Act of parliament for efficient planning, development, operation, repair, and maintenance of National Highways. It works on some important strategic roads that are especially awarded to the NHA by the orders of the Federal Government or Provincial Government.

Moreover, it provides a safe, efficient, and modern transportation system throughout the country.

  • The project encompasses 39 highways, motorways, and strategic routes.
  • Handles 80% of the country’s traffic
  • Carries 80% of commercial traffic
  • Takes a lot of time for project completion 
  • May delay your work due to plenty of other tasks


11. Frontier Works Organization (FWO)

Who isn’t aware of the most famous Frontier Works Organization (FWO) in Pakistan? Established for 53 years, it is one of the most reliable, trustable, and well-recognized construction organizations that was developed on 31 October 1966 for constructing high-end highways, the Karakoram Highway, as well as the highest mountain tops of the world.

  • Effective labour force
  • Great pool of modern construction gear
  • Modern infrastructure 
  • Ideal for only construction projects
  • Takes time to complete projects
  • Expensive source for construction


12. Pakistan Engineering Services

Pakistan Engineering Services is a company of designers and engineers who provide the most reliable and efficient services all across the country. The company works with a dedicated and qualified team of experts who works toward the development of society. 

  • Offers multiple services including engineering, design, and construction
  • Established 40 years
  • Completes technically high-challenging projects
  • Lacks skilled manpower
  • High overhead expenses 
  • No time commitment 


13. Zem Builders

Zem Builders is a premium real estate and construction company for all your commercial and living needs. It brings the best of design, architecture, and construction to provide you highest living standards and a life full of facilities. With 15 years of expertise in the industry, they employ cutting-edge construction solutions for people who seek perfection in everything. 

  • Oldest and established construction company 
  • Offers construction, design, and real estate services 
  • Offer guaranteed returns from your investment
  • Lack of skilled man force 
  • Not internationally recognized 


14. My4walls

My4walls is another reliable construction company in Pakistan that provides state-of-the-art construction services. They are specialized in designing and constructing buildings in Pakistan. Besides, they have an experienced and qualified team of contractors, engineers, and subcontractors who work with complete dedication to meet client’s needs such as design, costs, and other things.

They have sound expertise in multi-story commercial and residential buildings. By implementing a strong construction management approach, they control the overall construction process.

  • Promise to provide high-quality outcomes
  • Ensure that the costs and schedules are in-line
  • Ensure consistent feedback
  • Not much experience in residential construction
  • Sometimes they have equipment breakdowns
  • Clients often experience delays with them


15. Pak Gulf Construction Company

If you want to live a luxurious life, you may need the help of Pak-Gulf Construction Company in Pakistan which aims to provide high-quality infrastructure to the real estate and construction world. Sardar Builders and Al-Tamimi Group are two joint ventures of this company, which are also well-known for their contributions in construction and real estate.

  • Reliable and scalable company
  • Superior construction services 
  • Fulfill luxurious lifestyle needs
  • Lacks efficient manpower
  • Delays in construction projects


 16. Descon Construction Company

Descon is one of the most reliable and popular names in the construction industry that has earned its reputation due to offering excellence in every project. They are specialized in interior design, infrastructure, project management, and multi-story buildings.

  • Specialized in interior design and construction
  • Completed several construction projects
  • An efficient and dedicated team 
  • Lack of quality materials 
  • Inefficient manpower
  • Do not utilize advanced technologies
  • High costs


17. Areva Interior and Build Contractors

Areva Engineering Construction and Consultancy firm in Pakistan offers a big scope of service for both business and private areas. They are experts in dealing with any property or construction-related affair efficiently. Development, remodeling, or expansion, are all the primary specialties of Areva Interior and Build Contractors.

  • Handle all design, engineering, and construction-related matters
  • Also managed construction and building-related activities like school, mosque, and shopping mall construction.
  • Efficient staff
  • Not internationally recognized 
  • Extraordinary expensive 
  • Lack of skilled manpower


18. Majestic Builders

Majestic Builders promises to fulfill all commitments efficiently. They are focused on building trust and strong relations with clients. In today’s rapidly growing world of technology and construction, the company is enormously peacemaking. Majestic Builders are great town planners, builders, civil constructors, pre-engineered building service providers, and consultants.

  • Great exposure in every area
  • Client focused company
  • Utilize the latest technologies for construction
  • Not many stable company in the industry
  • Inefficient manpower
  • High costs


19. King’s Group Builders, Developers, and Contractors

The Kings Group Builders Developers and Contractors are one of the top-notch builders and developers in the construction industry that offers brilliant types of real estate investment assistance in Karachi and Karachi Properties to their esteemed customers. They have set a solid benchmark in the industry due to their significant contributions.

  • Reliable and affordable builders in Karachi
  • Introduces modern luxury flats at reasonable rates
  • Established since 1977
  • Only focused on “luxury” living
  • Not the best choice for commercial projects
  • Not skilled labour


20. Glorious Builders

Glorious Builders is the one and only construction company in Pakistan that offers 3- a year comprehensive warranty on their construction projects. They started their journey in 2004 and then worked on a mission to provide luxury residences in Lahore. They are dealing with Research and Development, craft new strategies, and involve in trend-setting innovation for goal achievement.

  • Best team of industry experts, designers, builders, and constructors 
  • Also best in property redesigns
  • Provide cost-effective solutions
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Not ideal for large construction projects
  • Delays in planning and development 
  • Do not use the latest technologies



Construction and real estate are one of the top investment opportunities in Pakistan. However, there are a lot of factors that affect the growth of this market and can either make or break the overall reputation of this industry. Therefore, choosing a construction company isn’t an easy task today due to increased competition in the industry. Although the list is still too long but the above-mentioned construction companies are performing the best in Pakistan and serving with great excellence and commitment. 

In case, you are confused or wondering where to invest for good returns, you can always choose our professionals at Buildings who can guide you throughout your journey and assist you carefully. Contact our team or stay tuned to our blog page for further information.