Top 10 Apartment Towers in Karachi

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We all know that Karachi has been dotted with lots of high and mid-rise apartment towers that offer all the amenities and features to its residents. Due to constant growth in the real estate sector in Karachi, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this largest metropolis has become a concrete jungle. 

With plenty of ultra-modern residential and mixed-use apartment towers, the city has fully transformed and contributed significantly to the success of the real estate sector. That’s the reason, those top buildings are now luring all the apartment seekers and persuading them to buy and invest in the building for an exceptional lifestyle.

If you are one of those apartment seekers from Karachi, I bet you must love to consider them because they have a lot to offer… in fact the facilities that aren’t available in other cities of Pakistan. 

1. Roomi Icon

 Roomi Icon

Roomi icon is considered the most welcoming addition to the list of some high-rising skylines in Karachi. You must feel surprised to know that Roomi Icon is a masterfully planned high-rise apartment tower that is envisioned to provide a lavish experience. The building stands 26 storeys tall. It makes the building the highest residential tower in overall surroundings. 

Another attractive aspect is its super convenient and accessible location. This is probably the best-selling point of the Roomi icon. The tower is located in a serene and peaceful neighborhood and is directly linked to Jinnah Avenue. It is also easily accessible from Askari V (Malir Cantt.), Karachi-Hyderabad (M9) motorway, Sadi Town, as well as University Road among different landmarks.

2. The Mega Mall and Residency

The Mega Mall and Residency

Mega Mall and Residency are centrally located mixed-use developments in Karachi. The best thing about this residency is, it is located at the prime location of Johar Chowrangi which attracts many people from all over the city. Along with providing a luxurious living experience, society is envisioned to provide some cutting retail experience to the people. Not only this, but this is also a grand-scale development that is designed to host top-notch commercial and lifestyle activities.

You can check out the structure and finishing work of the podium as well as view the lowest storeys that are also completed in a short time. What’s even more interesting is, the largest Chase Up Departmental Store in Karachi is now welcoming people from all over the country to this Mega Mall & Residency.

3. Executive Residency

 Executive Residency

Built to provide the high-end living with affordable costs, Executive Residency is envisioned for everyone who wants to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in their own beloved country. This is undoubtedly a great and noteworthy development that exists on the main Jinnah Avenue in Bahria Town Karachi. 

The residency is well-equipped with lots of amazing living features and it is also surrounded by pretty neighborhood amenities which aim to provide a very sophisticated lifestyle to the investors and buyers.

The best thing about this residential society is, it is a fully secure and safe choice for everyone. The society is equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance where all suspicious activities are monitored by security guards. This means that society is an ideal place to look out for your family in this secure place in Karachi which is not only comfortable but secure as well. It features lots of high-end features, including car parking, standby generators, as well an uninterrupted supply of gas, electricity, and water.

As this residential building features a lot of facilities and amenities, Executive Residency provides an eclectic mix of creatively designed 2- and 3-bedroom apartments with spacious penthouses.

4. Maymar Pride

 Maymar Pride

Maymar Pride is included in the list of some highly awaited apartment complexes which are still under construction in Gulshan-e-Maymar Karachi. 

This apartment tower is designed in a way that every apartment is a corner apartment so that the residents can easily take the advantage of the unique location of the project. Moreover, 75% of the grey framework for this 13-story residential complex has been completed which is probably good news for buyers and makes it an ideal residential building in Karachi. The apartment building has a lobby with excellent design, good water and sewerage system, 450 square foot parking space, fire prevention steps, and separate indoor areas for kids. 

5. Khadeeja Heights

 Khadeeja Heights

If you belong to Karachi’s Nazimabad area, you must have heard about Khadeeja Heights. The project is stunning and remarkably designed according to modern-day needs. It has attracted the attention of apartment hunters as well as different investors. Due to its exceptional design and architecture, the place is ideal for people who want something creative and extraordinary.

It has a Victorian-style facade that definitely adds a lot of worth and attraction to this apartment building. Ghani Builders and Developers, are the reputable development companies behind this project and they offer a card-based system for lifts, space for relaxation, advanced firefighting equipment, etc.

6. Fatimah Gold Residency

. Fatimah Gold Residency

Fatima Golf Residency is another notable project by Ghani Builders and Developers’ who provide people a chance to make their stay super comfortable and luxurious in the City of Lights. This is a large multi-tower residential complex located on Malir Cantt Road and has well-designed apartments with excellent layouts and high-quality fixtures.

It features exquisite architecture and top-notch facilities, which tends to provide a great sense of luxury. Its contemporary design palette further makes it an ideal investment for buyers.

7. Dundas Tower

Dundas Tower

Dundas Tower is also one of the high-profile apartment towers in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. This is comparatively a new tower that has a mix of residential and commercial space. EastGate Builders & Developers are behind the launch of this reliable real estate venture which provides high-end amenities and features. 

The main goal of the project is to provide top-notch urban amenities in a convenient location to all the residents. Furthermore, the project will offer a convenient apartment living experience who dream of a smart and special lifestyle. 

I am sure the place will be loved by all foodies especially because it also has an area with a barbecue grill. Other than that, the place is equipped with a firefighting system, 24-hour surveillance, and life with increased speed.

8. Cliff Vistas

 Cliff Vistas

Whenever we talk about some ideal apartment towers in Karachi, we surely can’t ignore Cliff Vistas. The project is developed by the famous Mehran Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd in Gulshan-E-Iqbal which has been one of the successful projects by the team so far.

It features residential towers, and each has 19 storeys high, which means it is one of the massive projects as well. The Project’s Development is still not completed but it is expected to be done in a short time. The grey structures are finished, and now it is taking a proper shape, ready to make their mark in the list of high-rise buildings in Karachi.

9. Athar’s Aman Castle

9. Athar’s Aman Castle

Located a short stroll away from Bahria Adventure Land, this exceptionally designed residential building called Athar’s Aman Castle is a great joint venture of Almas Builders and Developers and Athar Associates. As the name implies, the project is developed to provide residents with a royal lifestyle in Karachi’s Bahria Town area which is also a brilliantly planned gated community.

This superb castle is one-of-its unique kind of tower in Karachi as it is a tall vertical complex based on one tower that rises 22 storeys high above the ground. 

The best thing is, it only features corner apartments, which means residents can enjoy unobstructed views of the peaceful and beautiful neighborhood. Moreover, it is a high-end development, all the apartments are equipped with modern fittings and interiors.

10. Meraj One Luxury Apartments

 Meraj One Luxury Apartments

Meraj One luxury apartments home to over 200 residential schemes at different stages of development. This project is not only located in one of the ideal neighborhoods in Karachi but it has also emerged as a remarkably growing property hotspot that attracts people from all over the country. 

The robust infrastructure, accessible location, modern features, high-quality lifestyle, and increased value of the apartments have made this suburban enclave an epicenter of today’s modern era, which makes the apartments a perfect choice for everyone. This high-quality vertical complex also features a diverse inventory.

The project is developed by Regal Builders, which is a leading name in the real estate sector of Pakistan. It strikes a great balance between beauty and functionality. In short words, it is equipped with a visually distinguished façade as well as a host of wonderful amenities that provide modern dwellers a unique perspective on urban living.


So, are you ready to make an informed choice now? What apartment tower got your attention the most? The above-mentioned comprehensive list of apartment towers is good enough for every resident who wants to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in Pakistan without having to spend tons of money.

If you are interested to know more about the projects, you can check out the websites, and their social media handles, and find out customers’ reviews to learn what people have to say about these apartment towers in Karachi.

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