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We all know that real estate is one of the most competitive, safe, and reliable industries in the world. Regardless of your area, you probably have tons of powerful competitors who have been earning strong leads than you. But have you ever thought about why you are still behind in the competition? Why your competitors are getting dozens of leads every week and you are still chasing even the lowest projects that do not guarantee safe returns?

Maybe the problem is the way you advertise. You are still relying on outdated newspaper ads that do not even share the complete details of your project and just publish a few lines that barely give insights into your project. On the other hand, your competitors are choosing methods like pay-per-click advertising that produce fast leads in no time and ensure more targeted visits to the website every single day! 

Not only that, but they are deciding the budget on their own and choosing amounts that suit them the best. If you want that privilege and freedom too, you need to stand out among others and go one step ahead in PPC. When you join hands with an agency like, our PPC specialists do all the work. From searching the right keywords to designing the whole ad campaign and deciding budgets, we are your one-stop shop with perfect expertise, skills, and knowledge to generate leads.

Why Should You Run PPC Real Estate Ads Over Newspaper Ads?

Real estate is not a type of business that everyone can easily handle. It is a big game for people who have a lot of purchasing power. If you are a real estate agent, agency, broker, or related to the industry in any way, then PPC ads can do the magic for you as compared to newspaper ads. 

With PPC services Islamabad, you can effortlessly enhance your online visibility, exposure, generate leads, and achieve rapid, unlimited sales. Most importantly, you have the ability to display your ads to individuals actively seeking property buying, selling, or related services. By incorporating location-specific keywords relevant to Islamabad, you can effectively target the precise audience in your area.

For example, if you are targeting audiences in Islamabad, your ads will show up to the people who belongs to Islamabad, Pakistan. 

 On the other hand, when you choose newspaper ads for real estate projects, you cannot target the right audience specifically. The ad is targeted to the whole community and you are not addressing someone with specific needs. Unlike PPC ads, newspaper ads do not deliver fast and guaranteed results. Moreover, the opening rate and readership score are extremely low. 

5 out of 10 people might read your ad and 1 out of 10 people actually show interest. Comparatively, PPC ads are better. The moment someone will enter the related keywords in Google, they will come across your ad and instantly open it. They will land on the main page where they can find further details. 

That said, PPC sounds like a more well-crafted and result-oriented strategy as compared to newspaper ads where your ads get lost among seas of competitors and nobody ever gets to see that tiny 2-3 lines ad.

Steps We Take in Launching Your Real Estate PPC Ad Campaign in Pakistan

Curious to know how the process works? And what steps do we take to ensure strong leads and calls?

Have a look at the steps below and learn the whole process. You might believe that PPC ads are a way better option than those useless newspaper ads that don’t even work.

Keyword research is the first and foremost process before creating the whole strategy. Keyword research is in fact a backbone to the process which can make or break your campaign. If your keywords are wrong, nobody will ever get to see the ad, and then neither you will receive any clicks nor leads or sales.

That’s why we perform in-depth keyword research and include all the high-performing keywords in ads so that we can ensure maximum visibility and plenty of clicks and visits.

Once we research relevant keywords, our experts create PPC ads that directly address your ideal clients. Our PPC strategy is focused on bringing potential leads and clients the moment we launch your first ad campaign.

We follow all the specific rules and guidelines set by Google and make sure that the ad is engaging, high-performing, and has the potential to convert visitors the moment they click your ad.

We create compelling text and include all the keywords that logically and naturally become a part of your ad. We also create a catchy headline, attractive description, and strong call to action. If applied correctly, the strategy can bring hundreds of clicks within hours.

After creating the ad, the next step is to create an engaging landing page which is a special page designed exclusively for people who clicked your real estate ad and want to take further action. Our team creates separate landing pages for each ad. In this way, you can easily determine what ad is delivering more amazing results and how many clicks you have received on a specific service.

We include text, images, videos, and other interactive elements to make the ad more compelling and engaging for the audience.

Now that we have created an ad, launched a landing page, and linked them together, it’s time to analyze the results and check how many clicks and visits we have received so far. Our team analyzes conversion scores, click-through rates, cost per conversion, shared impressions, the average cost per visit, and different metrics that tell you the total number of gains and losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC ad spend which is also called advertising spend, is primarily your total network budget. It’s the amount you’re willing to spend for each ad whether you want to spend it for a month or a year. For example, your real estate business can decide $5000 ad spend for a month in which $800 is for Facebook, $800 is for Instagram, $2500 for Google ads, and $900 for Microsoft ad spend.

Well, PPC is the fastest and most result-oriented technique for generating leads and sales. With powerful PPC ad techniques for your real estate project, we can generate clicks the moment we launch your first ad. However, if you want more streamlined results, you need to wait for at least 4-6 months.

We can advertise on multiple platforms with real estate PPC ads. The most common platforms are Google, social media channels, or any third-party websites.

Of course. Ads that appear in Google search results earn 45% of page clicks. In fact, people who click the ads are more likely to buy from you than organic visitors because they are actually looking for the service you provide. With real estate PPC ads, you can easily reach people who are interested to buy from you. This makes PPC an ideal strategy to consider.

Yes, we do. Our experts monitor and track results so we can make changes as required. We also analyze different PPC metrics such as cost per conversion, conversion score, engagement rate, click-through rate, and many others so we can check whether the results are according to the expectations or do we need to make further adjustments.