Should I Buy Property in Blue World City?

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When it comes to investing, the first thing that might worry most people is “low returns” on investment. We often think that how much profit we are supposed to earn after this investment. And after calculations and detailed demonstration, if we think that it will cause us a big loss in the future then definitely, we don’t take any risks.

But luckily, things are different when you choose a society like Blue World City. Why? It is currently the safest option today. Since the real estate market is experiencing sustained growth and development, buying a residential property in a society like Blue World City offers huge returns in the future. That’s what most people think. 

But there are also a few loopholes that very few people know about society. Today we are going to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Blue World City so you can decide whether you should buy property in the society or consider some other option.

Advantages of Investing in Blue World City

If you are planning to invest in Blue World city, let’s consider some of the advantages first so you can learn whether it is something that suits your needs or whether should you choose another option for long-term benefits.

1. Advanced Amenities

The housing society features all the modern-day amenities, remarkable security, and lots of entertainment options. Green landscapes, Jamia mosques, landline and wi-fi options, consistent supply of water, gas, and electricity, health & medical facilities, commercial and business zones, shopping malls with the biggest brands, parks, and gardens, wide-set of carpeted roads, and many more. 

All of these amenities attract people from all over the country, and that too without paying tons of money. This makes BWC an ideal place to invest.

2. Wonderful Attractions

Have you ever taken a look at the master plan of Blue World city? If not yet, then look carefully at each aspect before you invest. It includes a grand mosque inspired by the big mosque of Turkey, Burj-ul-Arab, Oxygen park, Asia’s largest water theme park, and the world’s tallest horse mascot. When you will invest in society, it means that you will be able to enjoy all these wonderful attractions within this megacity.

3. Properties that Offer Huge Returns

Do you know what sets the society apart from others in Pakistan? It has lots of residential and commercial properties that are available for booking at affordable rates. You can book any type, size, and range of property on an easy installment program that might span to 3-4 years depending on the plan you choose.

In the case of residential properties, you can book 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots.

You can even choose farmhouses from 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal options. Moreover, there is also an availability of commercial properties such as 5 Marla and 8 Marla depending on your needs and preferences. Besides, society has also been introducing apartments and villas to give more options to investors and buyers.

4. Enhanced Security

The management of Blue World City has made security a #1 priority so that the residents can feel secure every time. It is a gated community equipped with an e-ticketing system, face recognition, and CCTV security cameras. Moreover, security guards are also instated at all major points of society to prevent suspicious entries.

5. Modern Infrastructure

Another advantage of investing in Blue World City is, you can enjoy modern architecture and infrastructure which is inspired by iconic building structures from all over the world. The society was developed to introduce high-class infrastructure just like Singapore so that people can experience luxuries and amenities without having to travel foreign.

6. Legitimate Project

One of the most important reasons to invest in BWC is its legitimacy. It is usually the first concern of developers and investors so the society must be legally recognized. The government has already reached an agreement with RDA as well as the district council on license issues. Favorably, the society is legal so we can confidently say that the file business is much safer as compared to non-approved societies.

7. Huge Land Area

Blue World City features a diversified land which means investors have several options to choose plots of different ranges and sizes. It comprises 5000 Kanal area which is being divided into several blocks and sectors for the ease of buyers.

Disadvantages of Investing in Blue World City

Now that we know all the good reasons to invest in BWC, it is time to look at some common disadvantages that raise concerns among buyers and investors.

1. Far from the City

The society is located far away from Islamabad city. It will take 45 minutes approximated to reach the zero point in Islamabad, which is quite a big hassle for people.

2. No Objection Certification is Still Not Granted

Another big point of concern is, Blue World City does not have a no objection certificate (NOC). Although they have applied but currently the developers are waiting for NOC from RDA. That’s the reason, you should think twice before choosing BWC in terms of legitimacy.

3. Under-Construction

A lot of areas are still under construction at Blue World City. The developers are working hard to deliver the project in 2 years, so let’s see whether they can do it successfully or take more time to complete it.

4. Lesser Market Value

Currently, the plots available for booking have lesser market value, which means you won’t generate healthy returns. However, this could be a positive point for investors who cannot afford expensive real estate investments.

Investing in Blue World City is a Healthy Choice?

After reviewing all the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Blue World City, I am sure that now you can easily decide whether it’s a wise choice to invest in or should you consider any other real estate investment.

If you look at the advantages, then you can feel that it’s an ideal choice because of accessibility, features, amenities, security, and other aspects.

But if you are more concerned about the legality of the society, then you may need to consider it a bit more carefully because it is still not fully approved by RDA. Whatever you decide, think smartly as you wouldn’t risk your investment, right?