Top 5 Locations to Buy an Apartment in Lahore

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Lahore, a beautiful city of gardens is also called the cultural capital of Pakistan due to its beauty, popularity, and home to a rich history. Not only that, but the place is also famous for well-known artists, poets, educationalists, leaders, and musicians. 

The city also hosts some eye-catching and historical tourist places such as Lahore Fort, Jahangir Tomb, Badshahi Masjid, Wazir Khan Masjid, and many others. Due to all these multidimensional aspects of the city, it looks like Lahore is the most interesting place to buy an apartment where you can enjoy a high-quality lifestyle with your family. Everybody deserves to live in a place where they feel safe, comfortable, and have all the facilities of life.

Luckily, Lahore is a place to consider that is progressing day by day in the real estate industry. After a lot of developments in the sector, the city allows you to buy an apartment or a property in different residential societies. 

Let’s have a look at the top 5 locations to buy an apartment in Lahore.

Best Locations to Buy an Apartment in Lahore – Overview

Here is an overview of some top places which can be considered for buying an apartment in Lahore.

  1. Bahria town Lahore
  2. Model town
  3. Defense Housing Authority
  4. Gulberg Lahore
  5. Askari housing society 

Let’s deep dive and learn what makes them a secure and ideal place to buy an apartment in Lahore.

1. Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town is one of the top locations to buy an apartment in Lahore. Once you visit, you will feel an absolute level of comfort and luxury in one place. The town has already proved its worth in the past and still continuing to make its mark due to affordable property rates and different basic life facilities. With a unique combination of advanced amenities that you can never imagine, offers a whole new experience to residents and investors in Bahria town.

We have seen hundreds of investors and buyers flocking to the city in recent years. Sectors B, C, and D have also become popular among people who are looking for high-end apartments equipped with all basic and advanced facilities. You can even choose from one- and two-bedroom apartments, depending on your needs. However, Bahria Town Lahore does not offer three-bedroom apartments currently. But soon, you may see three or even four-bedroom apartments.

2. Model Town 

Model town Lahore is another excellent investment opportunity for residents who want to buy apartments in an ideally accessible and affordable location.

However, many people still don’t prefer it because they believe it’s not as lavish as Bahria town and a medium-level residential area in Lahore. You can rent two-bedroom apartments in the area at reasonable pricing points.

3. Defense Housing Authority

DHA – is one of the most popular and reliable housing societies in Lahore that attracts people from all over the country due to a lot of amazing factors.

Defense Housing Authority is popular among both buyers and investors, which is why most residents tend to choose the society over others for long-term investment. Being one of the popular authorities, DHA makes noteworthy construction changes aligned with commercial land laws with ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of high-rise buildings.

Started from the first four stages in the initial years, now the society has expanded from the sixth and thirteenth phases. You can find that Phase 8 of the DHA is located adjacent to Allama Iqbal International Airport exactly at the ring road and is one of the top options for investment in high-rise projects in Lahore. 

4. Gulberg Lahore

Are you looking for one of the most beautiful residential areas in Lahore? Gulberg is definitely a worth considering option.

Gulberg is ideally close to everyone’s favorite Liberty Market, MM Alam Road, and Gaddafi Stadium. The area already sets a new direction in the construction industry. That’s why, it is soon expected to become a flourishing sector in the district – especially for homes, offices, hotels, retail outlets, and apartments. Therefore, it enjoys the reputation of being one of the most popular and populated areas in Lahore, with hundreds of buyers looking for different sizes and ranges of apartments.

Gulberg has a total of five districts. Among all the districts, Gulberg III is extremely popular with many buyers and investors who want to buy apartments in Lahore. Adjacent to PAF’s Gulberg III in Block L, there is a great number of family apartments that have captured the interest of buyers and investors. You can find several unique vertical projects that are equipped with cutting-edge amenities and promise luxury, comfort, and style along with an ideal location.

5. Askari Housing Society

Are you on the hunt for lowest prices apartments in Lahore? Maybe Askari housing society is a reliable choice to consider. Moreover, it could be a profitable decision even for average-income holders. People who live in the Askari housing society have complete access to all major points of the city. That’s why it is also considered an affluent residential enclave that has a lot of well-developed phases in different areas.

The best part is, all the phases are home to healthcare centers, educational institutes, restaurants & hotels, and recreational spaces.

Apart from being a visually attractive place, it is also a safe, stable, and considerable choice for people who are concerned about the security or legality of society.

It was initially established to serve the members of the Pak Army, but now civilians are also allowed to buy apartments in this noble society of Lahore.


Having an impressive lifestyle at one of the top locations of Lahore has become pretty easy today. You have plenty of options to choose from. Especially the above-mentioned housing societies in Lahore offer incredible returns, a plethora of facilities, and great convenience to residents. Due to all these elements, they have become the ideal place to choose and buy an apartment.

Other than these Raiwind road, Johar town, and Zafar Ali road are also popular places to buy an apartment in Lahore. If you are ready to buy an apartment, scan the list again and select the one that best suits your needs and preferences.