Parkview City Vs. Capital Smart City: What’s the Best Option?

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If you are an investor or a buyer, I am sure there must be one question that pops up in your mind every time you think about investment – what’s the best option between Parkview City and Capital Smart city Islamabad? 

Most people feel confused when they have to choose only one option. After all, both of these housing societies offer a great return on investment and are equipped with plenty of amazing facilities and amenities. Their locations are ideal and they have top-notch security features which further make them an excellent option to choose from.

What makes them even more reliable is, they are developed by the most senior and well-known developers in Pakistan. So, if you are also one of those who can’t decide which is the right option to choose, I hope this article is going to clear all the ambiguities as I compared both Parkview city and Capital Smart City so you can decide wisely.

Parkview City

Let’s talk first about the beautiful Park View City. It is developing under the optimal supervision of Mr. Aleem Khan, who is the chief executive officer at Vision Group. It is a reliable and valid residential project that also has proper NOC approval from CDA. Moreover, the society is located in an excellent location on Zone IV Jagiot road in Bani Gala Hills. Not only that but it is also located next to Park Enclave and faces Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Besides being a central location, there are a lot of reasons to choose Park View City Islamabad in long term. Since society is one of the singular housing projects in the region which are being approved by the Capital Development Authority. You must feel surprised to know that the society covers more than 1200 canals area.

Another amazing feature is, it has been segregated into different blocks from A to H. Besides, there are a number of plots available at feasible and affordable prices. You can also check the plot prices in Park View City which usually start from 3.5 million. In addition to the prices, you can also choose from various sizes based on your needs. From 3.5 marlas to 2 Kanal, every size range is available for buyers and investors. Its construction work is almost completed so means it will be available for buyers shortly.

Why Should You Invest in Parkview City?

Many people now prefer to choose Parkview city because it looks more secure, reliable, and convenient option. Let’s find out what will you get after investing in Parkview city.

  • Excellent security and maintenance 
  • Superior educational institutes 
  • Adequate healthcare facilities 
  • Community centers
  • Consistent supply of gas, water, and electricity 
  • 24/7 security surveillance
  • Gated community 
  • Surrounded by botanical gardens
  • Prime location

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad

A house in the heart of Islamabad with all the smart features? 

Interesting. That’s what the capital smart city offers!

Capital Smart City – one of the most remarkable housing societies located in the vicinity of Islamabad. If you are a fan of technology and want to implement “smart features” in your life to make it easy and comfortable, then I am sure you would love Capital Smart City more than any other society in Pakistan.

It is a real estate project which is launched by the collaboration of Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafique Limited. Both of these companies have a prestigious reputation in the real estate sector, which means the society is also a safe and secure choice for all the residents. 

This housing project in Islamabad is situated at a central location of the main Motorway M2, which is also much closer to the New Islamabad International Airport. Besides, the community is even near the east route of CPEC, which ensures that the topographical area of the project offers absolute comfort of commuting to the people living within the vicinity. 

If you are worried about its NOC, then you don’t have to be doubtful anymore because it is NOC approved society. A capital smart city is one of the few societies located in the vicinity that received development clearance. Therefore, it is clear that people won’t face any legal issues in the future.  

The Capital Smart City is also the most opportunistic site because it is linked with the twin cities’ main highways, motorways as well as the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.

What makes society more attractive is, their plot rates are extremely affordable for all. You can book your property for PKR 1.9 million. Property for sale is also available with a 10% down payment. The remaining cost is divisible into equal monthly or quarterly installments that can be divided into a ten-year term. Additionally, Capital Smart City also features Overseas plots and executive blocks. The convenient payment option and master plan further make Capital Smart City a reliable option to choose from.

Why Should You Invest in Capital Smart City?

Still, wondering why should I invest in Capital Smart City? Well, have a look at a few more features that make society an ideal housing project in Pakistan.

  • It is divided into commercial, residential, and recreational sectors
  • Excellent healthcare facilities
  • BRT system
  • Availability of smart features such as smart security, wi-fi, electronic bikes, etc.
  • High-quality educational institutes
  • Competitive payment plans
  • Easy booking procedure

So, What’s Your Choice? Capital Smart City or Parkview City?

Generally, Capital Smart City and Parkview city are the best and most prestigious investment options when it comes to choosing the right property to invest in. Still, there are a lot of elements that make Capital Smart City a wise choice. how?

Well, the biggest thing about the city is, it is equipped with all the smart features. If you want more security, you can have high-quality security cameras that monitor all suspicious activities and entries. If you want brighter premises, there is an availability of automated street lights. If you want managed traffic system, there is an uninterrupted flow of traffic. If you want an eco-friendly environment, there are electronic bikes available for transportation. What else could you ask for?

However, their payment plans might look challenging for more people. So, if you want a more affordable solution with no special smart features then I guess Parkview city is the best option to choose in long term.

Depending on the quality of lifestyle you want, the budget you have, and the overall amenities you expect, you can choose from both housing societies. For simpler living, Parkview city is an ideal option. But for a more lavish lifestyle, a Capital smart city is probably the right option to choose.