20 Out-of-the-Box Real Estate Marketing Tips to Bring in Qualified Buyers

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Meet Afaq Raj, an investor and marketing expert, and a veteran in the field since 2008. His passion for real estate and digital marketing has made him a trusted resource for property builders looking to enhance their online visibility. With thousands of success stories in Pakistan, unique insights and leadership have been invaluable. As the head of a dedicated team at Buildings.pk, Afaq Raj, offers cost-effective, tailor-made digital marketing solutions to property builders, empowering them to market their projects efficiently.
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Let’s all agree with the fact – real estate is a challenging as well as the potentially lucrative field. The industry that once depended upon cold calling, billboard marketing, and traditional marketing methods is now an industry that relies on digital marketing. 

If you are a real estate agency, you must know how difficult it is to promote and market your project among the seas of competitors. Without considering strategies like social media marketing, Google AdWords, SEO, and others, it’s hard to beat tough competitors who are already winning potential clients every day.

Social media and other marketing techniques have great impacts on generating real estate leads, yet most businesses fail to achieve desired success. 

If you have a real estate project and you are failed to generate leads for it, you will be glad to learn that these out-of-the-box real estate marketing tips will help you a lot in generating success.

1. Use Right Hashtags for Content Optimization

If you want to gain more visibility and exposure on social media, it’s recommended to use the right real estate hashtags for your content, as it is an excellent trick to attract more buyers and investors. You can easily discover lots of potential buyers and opportunities that can help generate remarkable leads for your project.

Some common real estate hashtags are #property, #investment, #forsale, #realestate, and many others.

2. Create Your Website

The most important tactic is to create your real estate website and show your prospective clients what you have to offer. Your website should be engaging, user-friendly, compelling, responsive, and fast-loading, so you can interact with more and more clients every day. You can also include listings on your site to guide prospects and engage them for minutes.

3. Run Your Blog

Another effective technique is running your blog page. Create as many articles as you can for real estate and include some frequently used keywords in them. It will help build lots of traffic and you might gain relevant leads and develop better connections. Remember, the topics should be interesting so that your audience can get engaged as soon as they interact.

4. Launch Email Marketing Campaigns

Send monthly newsletters to your clients and new prospects and tell them about your projects. Reach out to all the contacts and showcase all the property listings you have. Also, include images of the properties and link them to your listings. You can even include a video walkthrough of your property for more engagements.

5. Create Your Google My Business Page

People who try to find a real estate project near their home, usually search on Google and type something like, “real estate company near me” or other terms. It is important to make sure that people can easily find you on Google Maps as well as in Google Search.

6. Host Free Seminars

In today’s local communities, there are surely a lot of prospective buyers and sellers who are looking for a reliable real estate agency. Therefore, it’s imperative to host free seminars and allow people to consider your services without having to pay anything.

7. Market to Millennials

Millennials are usually considered the biggest home buyers or investors, so it’s important to tailor your marketing strategies to this specific demographic for more success.

Your tone needs to be adjusted according to the millennials so they can consider you an important source.

8. Partner up with Local Companies

Developing strong connections with several local companies can offer huge benefits in long term. 

You can offer them to mention their business in your website blog and give them exposure by marketing their services on your social media pages. This will establish a strong connection between the two companies and your reputation might get rise with time.

9. Get Your Brand Noticed

The next thing is, to get your brand noticed among others.

And for that, you need a lot of local audiences to remember and recognize your brand so that your image remains fresh in their mind when they are ready to invest.

85% of businesses are trying to increase brand awareness with social media campaigns, so make sure you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram as they are extremely helpful to get your name out there.

10. Consider Branding

Building a solid, stable, established, and recognizable brand is extremely critical for your success. You need to make sure that you consider branding in every phase of your project. It will help develop the proper shape of your brand. Your logo must be professional and eye-catching so that every investor could immediately call you and prefer you over others.

Your brand should be instantly recognizable from the very first impression. And if it’s not, then you need to do a lot of work in branding for a stable reputation in the industry.

11. Post-Sale Marketing

It’s pretty important to keep in touch with your current and previous clients. In fact, it is the best practice for real estate project owners to maintain a strong ongoing relationship while contacting their clients regularly.

Make sure you are not being intrusive by sending different content updates or telling them where they are in the buyer lifecycle. For example, sending your past clients home value reports as well as market updates 4 years after they invest in the project.

12. Leverage Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the excellent social media platforms that you should definitely use for marketing your real estate projects. As its highly visual, it lends itself perfectly to convincing people about investment.

More than 300 million people visit one Instagram business profile every day, most users spend at least half an hour using this platform. This makes Instagram an enormous market to tap into.

13. Use Reviews as Lead Generation

When your clients have to choose between different real estate projects in their local area, they search for good real estate companies or projects and check for reviews.

They want to check what others have experienced with you. if they have any negative reviews, they don’t consider your services. But when you have lots of positive reviews and feedback, it can help them easily decide whether you are a reliable choice or not.

14. Consider Digital Advertising Formats

There are lots of real estate agents and companies who want to be discovered through Zillow. You can also consider the same option for your project so you can attract different clients with different needs.

With Zillow, you can advertise as a real estate project owner on their website. However, there is a small price to pay to get this exposure, and may not be wholly accurate as well.

To get the best ROI, you must need qualified real estate leads as they are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why you need to focus on leads from your target area that are delivered with accurate information and intent.

15. Paid Facebook Advertising

Many people are reluctant to pay for Facebook advertising in their marketing strategy. But the fact is, Facebook advertising is an extremely effective strategy that can bring the right leads to the table and also help get more exposure and brand visibility.

However, it’s quite difficult to attain organic reach on Facebook. That’s why you can choose Facebook advertising methods to put your business in front of thousands of customers.

16. Become an Industry Expert

Now you already know that creating engaging content for your real estate project is extremely beneficial and set you as an industry leader in a short time. But it’s also important to understand that you can leverage the full exposure and value of your blog posts when you establish yourself as a true real estate brand that has strong authority and credibility in the industry. And you can only do this by marketing and promoting your content on different platforms.

Create articles for influential websites, publish press releases about your project, and create as much content as you can for quick reach and exposure.

Slowly, you will become an industry expert with lots of followers who recommend you to others as well.

17. Do Not Forget to Create Video Content

Videos have become another important real estate marketing strategy especially if you are keen to maximize your advertising campaigns. Creating compelling video content regarding your project gives it more boost and helps your clients understand more about your project.

Based on different evidence, people are most likely to watch videos and images as compared to reading long-form paragraphs. So, it makes sense to leverage video content and generate more referrals for your project through this medium.

18. Be Mobile-First

Did you know Google’s search engine algorithm now gives more weight to mobile-friendly websites? The best part is, you don’t even have to pay for Google ads.

Therefore, real estate project owners need to have a mobile-friendly platform so they can attract a maximum number of people to the website and ensure targeted leads. 

19. Perform Impressive Photography

According to most marketers, if you want to run a successful real estate marketing campaign, you must consider working with a professional photographer who has the skills to capture photos more impressively.

A poor-quality photo won’t be helpful for your prospective clients and they will not take interest no matter how beautiful or valuable your asset is.

20. Influencer Marketing

We all have one or two favorite social media influencers these days who promote and market different brands. Luckily, there are plenty of real estate social media influencers as well who have great expertise in promoting real estate brands. If you want to advertise your project and get maximum leads, hire a social media influencer who has thousands or millions of followers so that your brand can reach out everywhere in a short time.


The influence of real estate digital marketing has made a great impact on the industry. Marketing has changed the way companies reach their potential clients. so, if you have a real estate project but you can’t decide which is the best method to consider, then I hope the above-mentioned tips and ideas cleared up all your confusion until now. Right?

And if not, then you can always consider reaching the Buildings team of professionals where experts can implement strong marketing tactics to bring in qualified buyers and investors for your project. Contact our experts today and learn all the methods and tricks to reach out to a wide audience.