5 Reasons to Invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Is it worth it?

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Let’s agree on one bitter fact today – real estate is not a piece of cake! You have to work hard, put in a great effort, and most importantly – never give up…! The moment you start losing motivation, your dreams get shattered. Then why take so much risk when you have the option to earn a big name in the real estate industry?

Yes, I am not joking or trying to convince you to invest in real estate. I am just spilling the facts that very few people know today in Pakistan. I know real estate is a challenging and complicated marketplace, but it is also pretty lucrative if you invest wisely and take smart decisions.

With smart decisions, I mean exploring the opportunities to invest! Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, or sponsor, you must know when, how, and why to invest in a project. Capital Smart City is also that type of project which offers lots of fruitful benefits in long term. Its location is ideal and payment plans are affordable for everyone looking to invest in real estate.

What’s even more interesting is it is a more secure investment opportunity than other projects in Pakistan. Let’s find out some more interesting reasons to invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad, and learn if is it worth it.

Ideal Location

Do you know what makes a real estate project stands out from others? It’s location, most definitely. If the point is accessible to all major attractions of the city, then the worth of the project increases automatically. 

The same thing goes for Capital Smart City Islamabad. This real estate project is located at M2 (Islamabad-Lahore motorway) which is quite closer to the Thalian interchange. The Islamabad International Airport is also only a 5-7-minute drive away from Capital Smart City, which makes it a primary location to live in twin cities. 

In the next coming years, the project will have its own dedicated motorway interchange, and it was approved by National Highway Authority (NHA) last year. 


Mobility Benefits

Besides providing 24 hours security, traveling comfortably to your home from the office or other destinations is also very important for the residents. Now when you choose to invest in the Capital Smart City, you can experience great monitoring of road traffic, determine the condition of traffic jams, check accident areas, ease traffic, and offer optimized routes that are going to be planned so that society can facilitate travelers.

There is a myriad of other facilities available as well. This includes parking, the use, and sharing of bicycles or other vehicles, as well as the availability of services will also be checked using smart apps. The society also features a connected BRT system which is designed to improve travel across the housing project.

This means you won’t feel any difficulty while traveling anywhere as there is a proper system developed to facilitate the residents of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Lots of Commercial and Office Spaces

There are lots of great attractions in the Capital Smart City. In fact, living in this luxurious place often comes with unlimited advantages as well as multiple amazing job opportunities that can make your future brighter and smarter. 

Capital Smart City is going to be home to different commercial projects and offices. The project would be also home to various companies that belong to CPEC, aviation, as well as IT & software parks. One of the great purposes of establishing smart cities is to optimize the use of different buildings and workspaces so we can make the most of the space.

Capital Smart City may leverage information and communication technologies for the betterment of service levels, the benefits of citizens, sustainability, and economic development.

24 Hours Availability of Water, Gas, and Electricity

Another smart feature that sets the society apart from others is, it is equipped with 24 hours availability of water, gas, and electricity. 

We all know that there is a limited supply of natural resources available to cater to the needs of residents in Pakistan. However, the evolution of smart technologies can have a lot of wonderful tools that can effectively conserve and reduce accidental waste of water, gas, and electricity. That’s why the developers and owners of Capital Smart City planned things carefully. They offered an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity for all residents so they never have to face any difficulty in the future.

This makes Capital Smart City a more ideal investment opportunity for all buyers and investors.

Availability of Smart Features in the Society

As the name implies, Capital Smart City is equipped with a lot of smart features that distinguish the society from other projects in Pakistan. Some smart features of society are:

  • Automated Street Lights: The society features automated street lights with no malfunction effects. 
  • Wi-Fi Access: Since society is said to be “smart”, you can find wi-fi everywhere which ensures steady internet connectivity throughout the area.
  • Smart Traffic Control system: Capital Smart City also has a smart traffic system that ensures the smooth and uninterrupted flow of transport in the area. This helps people avoid all the fuss of traffic even during busy hours.
  • Smart Security: To provide the highest level of security to all the residents, the society features a smart security system that includes CCTV and surveillance cameras to monitor all the activities and prevent suspicious entries.
  • Electric Bikes: For ensuring an eco-friendly environment, Capital Smart City developers decided to launch an electric bike service for the comfort of residents. People can use bikes for moving anywhere in the city which also keeps the environment clean and pollution free.

Conclusion: Is it Worth it?

Capital Smart City Islamabad is equipped with tons of wonderful features and amenities which make the city an ideal place to live and invest. The society is currently under-developed and properties are available in installments, but they will be available with full payments sooner; which means now is the best time to invest in the society so you can earn great profits in the future. 

World-class hotels, shopping malls, high-tech gated community, beautiful lakes & gardens, 3D cinemas, and water filtration plants further make the city an ideal place to invest. This means that society is totally worth it. You won’t regret investing in Capital Smart City. If you want to know more about it, you can simply connect with our team and discuss everything you have in mind.