Should You Consider Video Marketing for Real Estate Projects?

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The quick answer is – Yes!

Why? More than 85% of clients prefer to work with professionals who use compelling videos in their content. Properties listed with videos get 4-5 times more engagement than those without any videos or engaging graphics. 

In fact, when you include videos in your email, your click-through rate gets doubles and you automatically start receiving more traffic and leads. 

However, video marketing is quite challenging. You need solid ideas, you need strong teamwork, and above all, you need skills that few people possess. If you are just a startup and don’t have many leads or engagements, you can simply use video marketing techniques. Now the point is, if you use the technique carefully and make the most of it, it’s possible to gain qualified leads and buyers within hours.

So, why are you still relying on ineffective marketing techniques like print media or billboards when you can leverage video marketing for real estate projects?

Now you must be thinking, does it even work for a field like real estate? Well, it does. Let’s find out how and why

Videos Generate More Reliable and Solid Leads

According to experts, videos are the key to bringing in more potential leads and buyers. A well-crafted real estate marketing video with a decent budget is your starting point in which you need to make first contact with clients and inform them about the benefits of choosing your project. 

Adding different cinematic visuals and handling camera work is remarkable at persuading clients and giving more weight to your company. These compelling videos prove your worth and tell the audience that your brand is credible and reliable.

As a result, they start to trust you and consider you an authoritative source. You can also consider professional assistance for video creation as the experts have the right skills and knowledge to come up with something exceptional.

High Return on Investment

Despite a lot of challenging tasks involved in video creation and high initial costs, video marketing offers a very impressive return on investment (ROI). Yes, 89% of marketers believe that video marketing is extremely effective and helped them generate the highest ROI as compared to other marketing methods. When you include videos on your landing pages, you can visible differences and a 300% improvement in conversation rate.

That’s the reason, more and more companies have started to use video marketing for their real estate brand so they can establish a strong reputation in the industry in a short time. Video content is not only engaging, but it is also very profitable if created well. 

Videos are Shareable

Another strong element about videos is, they are shareable. Besides being engaging, video content has a very high shareability rate. When your audiences see any engaging cinematic shot of a property, they are more likely to share it with others and gradually, the visibility rate gets increased. 

Social media platforms have made it much easier for businesses and clients to share their content. That’s why every video you create and publish will have a practically infinite life because it could get viral and be shared by lots of people. Make sure your video is interesting, creative, and has lots of information that your audience can easily understand.

How to Stand Out with Your Real Estate Videos?

Now the next question is how to stand out with real estate videos. 

Well, there are lots of tips and tricks that you can follow for creating engaging videos that stand out from others in the competition.

1. Be Consistent

The key is to remain consistent. Capturing the attention of relevant people at the right time requires consistency and transparency. Therefore, it’s important to create content as frequently as you can. The more audience will interact, the more likely they will think about your brand when it comes to investing.

2. Do Not Sell Always – Tell Stories

It’s not always recommended to pitch people with different promotional offers. Sometimes it irritates the audience and they immediately scroll down as soon as they see an offer from a real estate brand.

Especially if the video is in a long format, nobody sees it. Instead, you need to give your audience as much information as you can. If your video is informative and aims to educate and entertain an audience, people will show more interest and may share it with others as well. Tell them inspirational stories, things about your success, and other related elements that trigger interest.

3. Optimize Your Videos for Search Engines

Videos are excellent for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google tend to rank your real estate website with well-optimized videos that have proper keywords. This means you need to include some frequently used and relevant keywords in the title and description so that they don’t only become useful for audiences but for Google as well. If your videos are not optimized, it’s hard to rank them well, and consequently, nobody will ever see them.

4. Include Nice Call to Action

You must have heard them include a call to action buttons on your website to increase engagement and worth. Well, it is not only for the website but also for videos. You need to tell your audience how to contact you. even if you create the top video for your brand, it won’t give you more views and feedback if it doesn’t have any call to action. How can you expect them to take action when you are not giving them the option to do so? Therefore, make sure you include a relevant and nice call to action (CTA) in your video for more engagement.

Ending Thoughts

87% of marketers use video marketing for their real estate brand. The reason is, videos are engaging, less distracting, and bring more traffic as compared to other content types.

With engaging videos, you cannot only expect increased lead generation but also have great improvements in Roi. In fact, some brands only include video marketing in their strategy. This means videos are powerful and solid mediums to gain success and recognition.

For more digital marketing techniques, contact Buildings and learn how can we help your brand get noticed and recognized among seas of competitors.