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I-8 Sector Overview

A few years back, the I-8 sector of Islamabad used to be a quiet, peaceful, and less populated place with minimal commercial activities. With time and new industrial changes, today I-8 sector is the most popular and well-developed area filled with a lot of modern amenities and facilities for both commercial and residential investors. This sought-after area which has a direct connection from Islamabad Expressway and IJP road is planned to perfection, which undoubtedly makes it an ideal opportunity for both builders and investors.

The sector is thriving with all new commercial developments. Big shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, banks, and everything seems to be a big attraction for residents of I-8 in Islamabad. Whether you want to invest in this big sector or have a project that needs promotion, we are here to help you with everything you want. Contact us to learn how we help you invest or market a project in I-8.

Sub-sectors of I-8

Memorable Projects in Sector I-8

Sector I-8 of Islamabad has now become a great commercial hub. It features different projects for investment, which are
Big educational institutes
Lots of hotels & Restaurants
Shopping malls & Commercial buildings
Hospitals and Healthcare centers

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Sector I-8 Migration and Relocation Trends

Blue World City is a modern housing society that is filled with a lot of facilities and amenities for residents. That’s why many people migrate and relocate from different cities in Pakistan.

Where are people moving to I-8 Sector From?

Where are people from the I-8 sector moving to?

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Things to Enjoy in I-8 Sector

Big shopping malls
New restaurants and cafes
Children’s park
Rose and Jasmine's garden
Jinnah Stadium

Frequently Asked Questions

We implement a lot of important marketing strategies that help grow your project in a short time. Some strategies are SEO, social media marketing, branding, paid ads, web development, and others.
Well, digital marketing doesn’t take much time as compared to traditional marketing. Our specialists implement strategies like social media marketing and paid ads that deliver fast results even the moment we launch your first campaign.
Sector i-8 is a highly developed sector that has a lot of commercial and residential buildings available for sale and purchase. You can either invest in plots, houses, apartments, shops, or shopping plazas, our team will fully assist you and help you decide the right option.
Of course, you should. Sector i-8 is an extremely developed area that features all modern amenities and facilities. The area features big commercial and residential buildings and there is a lot of investment potential in the sector. This means, there will be huge returns on investment in the future for each project. runs several marketing campaigns and designs engaging visuals and videos to showcase your project’s strength in the sector.
Marketing ensures that your project’s unique features and benefits reach potential buyers in the sector, helping you stand out in a competitive market.
Our team provides great market insights, historical data, and risk analysis, helping investors make informed decisions about investing in the I-8 sector of Islamabad.
Sector i-8 is considered the most affordable sector among all the sectors of Islamabad. The area features reasonable property prices which are affordable for all. There is a property for every budget in this sector. You have the option to invest in both cheap and expensive properties in i-8.

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